Shipping Refund

We have an excellent refund policy in place for you, though we are sure that you will never need to use it. However, just in case you need to return the product, make sure that you follow the return rules as set out below so that we can refund your money. Sometimes you may get a product only to realize later that it was not what you wanted. In such case, you can return that and get your money back. Note that the handling and the shipping charges when you are shipping back to us are yours. We will take the liberty to determine whether your reason for returning the product is genuine.

When you decide to return the product, please do it within 30 days of receiving the product. If it takes longer than that, then we will not accept it. We figure that 30 days is enough time for anybody. The shipping means that you use to return the products are entirely your choice, as long as it gets to us within the stipulated time. Again, please make sure that you give us the tracking number via email or via the phone so that we can follow the progress of the package with the carrier that you used, just as we did for you.

Note that we will only accept the product back if it is not tampered with. Once we get the product, we will inspect it to find out whether the packaging has been interfered with. If in any way the product was opened, then we will reject it because we cannot tell whether it was used. It is advisable that once you realize that you did not want the product, you return it just as you got it.

To refund your money, we will use the same method as you used to pay us, minus the handling charges. If you used a credit card, then we will refund your money there, but minus the fee charged by the credit card company.

Remember to send us a note explaining why you returned the product. It is also smart to have a genuine reason for doing that so that if we are to blame, we know where and how so that we can rectify that.

If you wish to exchange the product for another, that is also allowed. After all, they are all Biologicalsupplementsforlife products. Just say what you would like in exchange and you will get it. However, note that when we are shipping the exchange product to you, the shipping charges for the first product do not apply. Therefore, you will have to pay the shipping charges for the exchange product.

As you buy your formula at Biologicalsupplementsforlife, it is important that you check out every product carefully so that you know that what you have added to your cart is what you really need. This way, you will save yourself the trouble and the hassle of making a return. If you are not sure, get in contact with customer support. However, if you must return or exchange, we are ready to serve you.